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Lindsey at Start to Thrive is passionate about coaching humans who feel stifled to move forward with clarity and resilience. Helping them get out of their own way. Lindsey partners with individuals, teams and organisations who are seeking to grow themselves, their current and their future talent to have direction, confidence, and resilience; to unbox the boxed in. She supports transition enabling you and your teams to bring their whole selves to their role and navigate through self-limiting beliefs. Start to Thrive works with clients privately on a one-to-one basis and also engages with organisations offering in-house business executive coaching and mentoring, alongside learning and workshop offerings. Coaching is a partnership, and Lindsey will work with you, to get you unstuck, identify your direction and have you confidently make changes.

Check out Lindsey’s ongoing series on the Independent Oxford blog and learn about her story to becoming a coach on S2 E17 of the Indie Oxford podcast.

Start To Thrive Oxford

My eyes were opened to the power of coaching by being coached myself. It helped me illuminate for myself a different way of being and to get out of my own way. As a coach, there is no greater privilege than being in support of someone as they commit to self-reflection, discovery, exploration and then witnessing them come alive and step into the who, the where and the what they want to create for themselves. It is deeply rewarding to walk alongside someone as they choose to grow.

– Lindsey Eynon, Owner

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