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Fyrefly is a professional photographic studio specialising in live performance, artist promotion, event, portrait and commercial imaging. The studio is in a 500 year old listed building and has to be seen to be believed! Established in 2019 the studio has already worked with a huge range of clients in both the City and the County and, as we all emerge out of the pandemic, is more than ready to grow.

Read about Jason’s indie journey on the Indie Oxford blog.

Fyrefly Studios Photography

I fell deeply in love with photography whilst touring with Oxford band Fixers. I started taking photos of the bands we were playing alongside and discovered I wasn’t too bad at it. I launched my business and went fully professional in mid 2019 and so far it has been the best adventure ever. Not even the pandemic has stopped me! Oxford is a brilliant place to work and I love its boundless creative energy.

– Jason Warner, Owner

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