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This February we are loving local (even more than usual!) and we want YOU to join us! For 2 weeks during February we are challenging you to use only local businesses.

Love Indie Oxford


When you shop locally, you’re empowering your community and your own voice as part of it. The power is with you, rather than in some corporate boardroom far away. It’s about nurturing a local economy that can support a diverse range of businesses as well as a connected and supportive community for all who live there. Buying from small, local, independent businesses means the money you spend goes directly to people who live, and invest, in your community.

The Garden Oxford

Equally, your local indies play a huge role in defining, and creating the character of your neighbourhood. They provide places for people to connect with each other, which is vital in this age of loneliness and isolation. Feeling part of a community is vital for our wellbeing.

The Missing Bean Oxford

Small businesses have the fleet of foot to change policies around environmental impact, meaning they can react quickly to change the impact they have on the environment, and you as a customer can influence this by suggesting changes. On top of that, the nature of local indies means that customers are far more likely to walk or cycle to them, and collaboration between businesses often means their supply chain is local too.

waste2taste oxford

So to the rules!

  1. Explore local alternatives for regular purchases (e.g. veg boxes, farmers markets, bakeries and butchers instead of supermarkets)
  2. No purchases from large internet providers!
  3. Get to know the local businesses that make up your community
  4. It’s not about the extra purchases, it’s about the everyday – e.g using a local indie gym, getting your coffee from an indie rather than a chain.
  5. Use #LoveIndieOxford to tell us how you’re getting on with the challenge!
Love Indie Oxford

To get your started, here are a few ideas for regular purchases >>

Store cupboard items from Fairtrade at St Michaels, Taylors, Deli at No. 5, SO Sustainable or Added Ingredients.

Fairtrade St Michaels Oxford
Taylors Oxford
Deli at No 5 Thame
so sustainable Oxford
Added Ingredients Abingdon
Hamblin Bread Oxford
The Orange Bakery Watlington
Gatineau Oxford

Fruit & veg from Cultivate or 2 North Parade.

Cultivate Oxford
North Parade Oxford
Jericho Coffee Traders Oxford
New Ground Oxford
The Missing Bean Oxford

If you need some more inspiration to find local businesses near you, check out our directory, or indie map.

Good luck, and keep us updated on your journey by using #loveindieoxford on Instagram.



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