Here’s what Indie Oxford members think about the community…

Start To Thrive Oxford Lindsey

I love being connected to my local community through IO. The network is hugely supportive of me as an individual and a business owner. It’s great to share ideas and resources and always know there is someone to ask and to talk to who most likely has experience. Such a friendly group too!

Lindsey Eynon, Owner at Start To Thrive (a super supportive and inspiring business coach) // Spring 2024

Indie Oxford is a really friendly and supportive community. They open up a number of opportunities for marketing, collaborating and personal development. But even more importantly than that, they create a fun space for growing ideas, sharing business challenges and celebrating one another’s success.

Sally Dear, Owner at Ducky Zebra (gorgeous gender neutral kids clothing) // Spring 2024

Ducky Zebra Oxfordshire
Annabel Lee

Great people, huge amount of support from Rosie! Love knowing I’m not alone and being inspired by other cool people.

Annabel Lee, Owner at Annabel Lee Communications (awesome PR specialist and editor of the Indie Oxford magazine) // Spring 2024

It’s great to have a community of varied and interesting businesses with a supportive and positive hub!

Hazel Rattigan, Owner at Objects of Use (a super cool shop in the heart of Oxford) // Spring 2024

Objects of Use Oxford
Colombia Coffee Roasters Oxford

We love being part of an environment that works to support and promote local independent businesses. Rosie organises great networking events with fellow business owners and other exciting initiatives!

Milly Barr, Owner at Colombia Coffee Roasters (a great place to go for a delicious coffee) // Spring 2024

Being included in what is such an important movement in Oxford gives me credibility and trust with people that don’t know us already. Unbeatable access and updates to a host of meet ups, markets and events. It feels like I have a voice in a city full of big biz and high street brands. The Indie Oxford market is the highlight of my year.

Amanda Suliman Bell, Owner at Rainbow & Spoon (the most gorgeously colourful shop just off Frideswide Square) // Spring 2024

Rainbow and Spoon
The Edge Eatery Oxfordshire

I love to hear about what people are up to and its also good advertising.

Tom Pickett, Co-Owner at The Edge Eatery (brilliant cafe in Witney) // Spring 2024

It’s great to be part of the thriving small business culture that we have here in Oxfordshire!

Abbie Newton, Owner at Abigail Kelly Creative (beautiful brand photography) // Spring 2024

Abbie Newton Photography Oxfordshire
Earth Ale

We love being a part of the Indie Oxford community because it gives us a chance to meet like-minded people, share ideas, get inspired and hopefully give back as well by connecting people we see might be able to help each other.

Frances Lewis, Co-Owner at Earth Ale (awesome artisan brewery in Frilford Heath) // Spring 2024

Indie Oxford is a wonderful community of supportive, like minded businesses who support each other and are always on hand to offer help, guidance and solutions.

Andrew Tee, Owner at Oxford SUP Club (awesome SUP club at Farmoor Reservoir) // Spring 2024

Oxford Sup Club Andrew Tee
Lizzie Oxford Yarn Store

It is a brilliant support and network – we have meet both Wisebird and Fyrefly Studios through Indie Oxford, both of which have been an amazing help!

Lizzie Webb, Owner at Oxford Yarn Store (a gorgeous shop on North Parade) // Spring 2024

I like the constant communication via the Whatsapp groups. Always events going on and everyone looks out for each other.

George Sandbach, Owner at Sandy’s Wine Bar (great bar in central Oxford) // Spring 2024

Sandys on the Move Oxford
Ronni Allen Food Photography Oxford

When you work on your own, you miss out on peer support and conversation, Indie Oxford is a community that is always there for help, advice and its members are so supportive of each others businesses. I love that we celebrate each others wins, there is always a chance to learn and challenge yourself too.

Ronni Allen, Owner at Ronni Allen Photography (gorgeous food photography) // Spring 2024

It is an absolute joy connecting with and learning about independent businesses, artists and impact-makers across Oxfordshire. We are so lucky to be part of such a vibrant and inspiring community!

Hannah Pye, Communications and Marketing Manager at Makespace Oxford (a social enterprise creating community led spaces in Oxfordshire) // Spring 2024

Hannah Hello hann Photographer Oxford

It’s nice to be part of a local community of independent businesses and get the support of lovely people like yourselves that care to promote everyone.

Debora Brand, General Manager at Gatineau (totally delicious patisserie) // Summer 2023

Gatineau Oxford
Marshes Accounting Oxford

Supporting independent business and budding entrepreneurs is one of our prime values.

Phil Cockayne, Co-Owner at Marshes Accounting (super friendly local accounting) // Summer 2023

We are proud to run an independent business, and we enjoy being a part of a community of like-minded people, working towards similar goals

Ella O’Brien, Marketing Officer at Yellow Submarine (awesome social enterprise cafes in Oxford and Witney) // Spring 2023

Yellow Submarine Oxford
Oxford House Video Agency

I love entrepreneurs, and obviously I love Oxford… There is something so beautiful about people who take on the challenges we do. I really enjoy getting to know and to help those who are trying to make their own impact.

Freddie Jewson, Owner at Oxford House Video Agency (super talented and great to work with) // Spring 2023

We benefit hugely from the well-thought through workshops and events. Although we all do very different things, we’re all experiencing many of the same highs and lows of being small businesses so it’s wonderful to be able to use the community as a network.

Jake Motion, Owner at House Of Fun (brilliantly inclusive kids holiday courses) // Spring 2023

House of Fun Jake Motion
Arbequina Oxford Ben

It’s a lovely experience to support and boost other (much needed!) independent businesses in and around Oxford. A lovely ethos and gives an opportunity to show respect and joy to others involved.

Ben Bateman, General Manager at Arbequina (a fantastic tapas restaurant on Cowley Road) // Spring 2023

I love anything that helps to support the local economy, which IO does well. Indie Oxford is such a fun and creative networking group and i’m yet to come across a featured business that doesn’t really appeal to me.

Annabel Latham, Owner of Annabel’s Patisserie (the most delicious chocolates) // Spring 2023

Annabels Patisserie Oxfordshire
The Garden of Oxford

We love to part of the Indie Oxford community, giving us links to other lovely little businesses and helping us spread our network.

Ellie Murphy, Manager of The Garden of Oxford (Oxford’s leading florist with seasonality at it’s heart) // Summer 2023

I love being part of the Indie Oxford Community. Its great to connect with other small businesses who are paving the way in our shop independent community.

Anna Butler, Owner of Custom Made (awesome modern jewellery brand based in Oxford) // Autumn 2023

Custom Made Jewellery Oxford
Grape Minds Oxford

It’s a joy being around other indies, many of whom are starting up, but all of whom are brilliant in their fields and passionate about what they do. It’s really inspiring to hear their stories and ambitions. Also, the magazine is great!

Graeme Woodward, Co-Owner of Grape Minds (a community focussed wine merchant in Summertown & Wallingford) // Summer 2022

Oxford has such a fantastic local business network, with truly passionate people that love what they do and enhance the local community. Anything to support that is a win-win in my book.

Lewis Ratto, Owner of Alfonso Gelateria (the best gelato in the county) // Summer 2022

Alfonso Gelateria Oxford
Jason Warner Fyrefly Studios Photography Oxfordshire

I find it very inspirational being part of a community that has so many amazing small business owners.

Jason Warner, Owner of Fyrefly Studios (the coolest indie photographer in the county!) // Summer 2022

It is lovely to be part of Independent Oxford! Feel like you’re part of a gang and when you spend most of your days pickling on your own it’s nice to not feel so alone out there! Also nice to have the support and help making connections with other local businesses.

Fiona Cranston, Owner at Cranston Pickles (try the kimchi chutney, so delicious!) // Spring 2022

Cranston Pickles Oxford

We love being a part of a network of inspiring independent entrepreneurs!

Caroline Gozzi, Owner at Yoga Venue (the home of hot yoga in Oxford) // Spring 2022

YogaVenue Oxford Caroline Gozzi
Tikka & Tadka Oxford

Being a part of community helps us to reach out to the local people in the area and also have support from other independent business around Oxfordshire. Thank you to you for forming such a lovely community of independent businesses.

Roshni Ray, Owner of Tikka & Tadka (totally authentic home cooked Indian catering) // Spring 2022

It’s a great community to find people to collaborate, support and be supported and learn about local Oxford events!

Sarah Jordan, Owner at Y.O.U Underwear (the highest scoring B Corp in the UK!) // Spring 2022

You Underwear Oxford
ronapainting gallery Oxford

Its great to be in touch with other like minded individuals!

Rona Marsden, Owner at ronapainting gallery (a neighbourhood art gallery on Walton Street in Jericho) // Winter 2022

Neve's Bees

It’s fab feeling like I’m not alone and being part of a likeminded community.

Julie Macken, Owner at Neve’s Bees (a brilliant skincare brand based in Eynsham) // Winter 2022

The people and businesses are amazing!! It’s a wonderfully friendly community and a great place to discover all your new favourite things!

Rianna Low, Owner of Jam Puppy Designs (a brilliant graphic designer with a passion for working with small businesses) // Autumn 2021

Rianna Low Jam Puppy Design
Sanders of Oxford

It is great to know that there is a wealth of ideas and business knowledge/experience that can be tapped into based on our common ground as independent businesses. Alongside the collective promotion of indie businesses with the city and county.

Philip Marston, Co-Owner of Sanders of Oxford (a city centre gem of an indie in the 17th centuary Salutation Inn) // Summer 2021

Bitten Digital Jacqui Thorndyke

We’ve made so many wonderful connections through Independent Oxford, Rosie does an amazing job of keeping the indie community connected! It’s a privilege to be part of the community.

Jacqui Thorndyke, Owner of Bitten Digital (a digital agency creating awesome websites & digital content for indies) // Summer 2021

Indie Oxford is such a fantastic community of supportive, helpful and inspiring businesses and people. Having so many like minded people that are eager to collaborate, promote others and celebrate each other is really empowering and we are really proud to be part of it!

Tess Taylor, Co-Founder of Tap Social Movement (an amazing Oxford brewery helping people who have been through the criminal justice system) // Summer 2021

Tap Social Oxford
Mostly Books Oxford

It’s great to hear about other independent businesses and to share ideas through the network.

Sarah Dennis, Owner of Mostly Books (a fab community orientated bookshop in the heart of Abingdon) // Summer 2021

Its is a true community, diverse businesses all connecting and promoting each other – a wonderful group to be part of!

Sarah Wiseman, Owner of the Sarah Wiseman Gallery (a gorgeous gallery in Summertown, showcasing the best contemporary artists) // Summer 2023

Sarah Wiseman Gallery Oxford
Bethany Joy

Independent Oxford is the most vibrant, kind, helpful, and just plain fun network I’ve ever been part of! The community are all so supportive and Rosie and Anna go above and beyond to champion each and every indie business. Becoming a member is one of the best investments you could make in your business – and yourself!

Beth Sparey of Bethany Joy (Brand voice crafter and wordsmith extraordinaire) // Spring 2020

I absolutely love being a member of the Independent Oxford community. Rosie and Anna are hugely inspirational and enthusiastic champions of the small independent businesses in Oxford. I’ve had great advice from them, made useful contacts and shared fun social events.

Julia Atkinson, Owner of Happy Cakes (mouthwatering cupcake creator) // Spring 2020

Happy Cakes Oxford

I greatly value the support I receive from Independent Oxford – for my business but also for me personally. Being a member of Indie Oxford has opened doors to opportunities, knowledge, and connections. I have met some truly lovely people at actual and virtual meetups, and gained tips and ideas for moving my business forward. It is also great to find out about other independent businesses in Oxford and be able to support them, whether through sales, social media shares, or kind words. Thank you Rosie and Anna.

Claire Waite Brown, Director of Creativity Found (an inspiring community and podcast for creatives) // Spring 2020

Claire Waite Brown Oxfordshire
The Missing Bean Turl Street Oxford

Independent Oxford have been a great support and really quite inspirational for us  – as an independent coffee business operating in an increasingly difficult climate Rosie and Anna have been real champions for what is special about small indie businesses and raising awareness about buying local. They have created a real community of Oxford independent businesses which has been very supportive, we regularly meet up to share ideas, talk about initiatives that they are working on, or looking at how to turn challenges to our advantage.

Vicky Troth, Creative Director of The Missing Bean (an awesome local collection of coffee shops with a roastery in east Oxford) // Autumn 2018

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