Taylors 19 High Street


Taylor’s is a family run independent chain of cafes and delis with seven stores in each four corners of the city, and has been feeding locals and tourists for decades.

Think infinite baguette combinations, delicious cakes and pack a punch salads as well as fresh pasta from Fasta Pasta. They also make a mean breakfast bap and source as seasonally and locally as possible.

Try them during your next lunch break or visit to the city. Alternatively take advantage of their catering service and get something delivered – they deliver by trike if you’re in the city centre!

Taylors, 31 St Giles
Oxford, OX1 3LD | Tel: 01865 558853

Taylors, 10 Elms Parade
Botley, Oxford, OX2 9LG | Tel: 01865 727992

Taylors / FastaPasta
239a Banbury Road, Summertown, Oxford, OX2 7HN
Tel: 01865 510447

Taylors, 58 High Street
Oxford, OX1 4AS | Tel: 01865 723152

Taylors, 19 High Street
Oxford, OX1 4AH | Tel: 01865 790757

Fasta Pasta, Unit 121 Avenue 4
The Covered Market, Oxford, OX1 3DZ
Tel: 01865 241973

Taylors / FastaPasta, 1 Woodstock Road
Oxford, OX2 6HA
Tel: 01865 515457


Opening Times

Various times – please see Taylors website for up to date times of opening.


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