New Oxfordshire Festival To Celebrate Health & Wellbeing

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On the Independent Oxford blog today, Ajaye from The Project PT reveals their plans for a new Oxfordshire festival to celebrate health and wellbeing, and support the local indie community. >>

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Tell us about yourself and why you decided to set up Fit Farm Festival.

The Project PT and Fitness at the Farm are two independent, fitness events and gym businesses. The pandemic has had a large effect on our businesses with events cancelled and gyms not open, we were fortunate to be able to swivel online and offer outdoor face to face sessions. However, for other businesses this was not possible. We wanted to offer a platform for all businesses to showcase themselves, come together as one, and just have a blooming good time.

Fit Farm Festival Oxfordshire

Tell us about your vision for the festival.

Our vision is to see a whole host of people from all walks of life, sectors of the fitness and wellbeing industry, and other independent businesses having a fantastic time. Whether it’s a class we are teaching or an event we are running the most important thing is the experience for all, whether that’s stakeholders, customers or team members.

Fit Farm Festival Oxfordshire

How important is hosting the festival to you, especially in reference to the pandemic?

The pandemic has affected both the mental and physical health of so many people, activity levels have gone down in groups that were already not meeting the national guidelines. However, the most frustrating thing is that the answers to increase the levels are the same across most groups of people. Whether it is women aged between 41-60 or young people between the ages of 13-16, these two separate groups want the same from exercise they want to feel represented, they want the exercise to be sociable and they want to be aware of the benefits. We want our festival to do all these things and more, our focus has been on ensuring that the marketing we use is relatable, the classes we choose offer a large choice, and that we make the event fun and sociable.

Fit Farm Festival Oxfordshire

What can people expect from their time at Fit Farm Festival?

We created a Fitness & Yoga festival on a farm, expect festival flags, bales of hay and long grass to lay in. There’s 5 stages offering a whole host of fitness classes throughout the day. There are workshops and breakout areas, treatments available, kids activity areas, street food vendors, healthy snack stalls and specialty coffee and tea. After 5 pm our family party will start with live DJs and Band, you can grab yourself a local beer or cocktail, and dance the night away.

Fit Farm Festival Oxfordshire

What makes Fit Farm Festival unique?

At Fit Farm Festival we have tried to ensure your ticket includes lots to do, so every full ticket includes 3 classes to attend plus all our workshops, talks and breakout areas. Our children’s tickets are free and we have a stage dedicated to children with 8 classes running through the day. We want to keep everyone entertained throughout the day without you having to spend more money.

How important is community to the festival?

Fit Farm Festival was born out of an idea to help our community, to help all those businesses affected by the pandemic and create a fun sociable event for everyone. Fit Farm Festival is community.

Where can people grab a ticket?

Tickets go on sale on the 1st June and you can visit our website There will be a limited amount of super early bird tickets and free children’s tickets to get your hands on.

Alongside Fitness at the Farm, Ajaye & Alexa at The Project PT will be working with a whole host of awesome local indies to bring you Fit Farm Festival, including Every Body Studio and House of Fun. Find out more at Fit Farm Festival.

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