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To put it simply The Project PT is just two personal trainers passionate about fitness, health and wellbeing. The Project PT provides coaching, classes and events to people in Oxford. All the profits from their events go towards funding their work with young people in the Oxford area, using fitness as a medium to address social inequalities. Ajaye and Alexa have both worked in many youth roles, and witnessed the lack of support and absence of resources to help steer young people towards a healthy and positive lifestyle. So, the mission is to end this cycle and increase engagement in sport and fitness in deprived areas. But, the mission doesn’t stop here, they want to create inclusive fitness events for all and an environment where people feel they can improve their health all whilst fulfilling their enterprises 5 promises, which you can find on their website.

Check out Anna’s chat with Ajaye on IGTV, and their tips for staying happy & healthy.

The PT Project Oxford

Oxford is full of like minded people we can learn from, the abundance of social enterprises and purposeful businesses is inspiring. We are incredibly proud of what we are creating in Oxford and so happy to call this place home. We’re looking forward to where the next few months will take us and working alongside more fantastic businesses. If you would like to discuss collaborating with us please drop us an email, no collaboration is off the cards. We ran our first yoga event in a brewery!

– Ajaye & Alexa Hunn-Phillips

Working with the Project PT has been a pleasure right from the beginning, and we’ve hosted several events in collaboration with them, from documentary screenings to fitness events. The passion for community and fitness that Ajaye and Alexa have is obvious to everyone that meets them, and their tireless efforts to include as many people as possible in this growing network is really admirable. They’re a super hardworking duo that seamlessly slot into any role from business collaborator to personal trainer to great friend.

– Tess Taylor, Director of Tap Social Movement

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