The PT Project Oxford studio
The PT Project Oxford studio
The PT Project Oxford studio


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Mon – Sun: 6.30 am – 8.30 pm



The Project PT was born out of two common problems; people had to exercise, not having the time, and not having the circle of friends/family to support them. To address these two issues, Ajaye & Alexa wanted to create events and a space people wanted to come to, because if you want to go somewhere you always find the time. This fed nicely into the second problem, so The Project PT works daily on creating a friendly, inclusive community vibe. They love seeing friendships build within their studio and events. The Project PT believe exercise can empower young people to make positive life choices, you can read more about The Project PT social impact work, and work in the community on their website. The Project PT is a purposeful business ensuring environmental and social justice inform all their decisions.

Check out Anna’s chat with Ajaye on IGTV, their tips for staying happy & healthy, and our short film about The Project PT.

The PT Project Oxford

There’s nothing more rewarding than receiving a review or email from someone who is finally enjoying exercise, who felt at ease and comfortable at one of our events. To be part of helping improving someone’s confidence is a privilege.

– Ajaye & Alexa Hunn-Phillips, Owners

Working with the Project PT has been a pleasure right from the beginning, and we’ve hosted several events in collaboration with them, from documentary screenings to fitness events. The passion for community and fitness that Ajaye and Alexa have is obvious to everyone that meets them, and their tireless efforts to include as many people as possible in this growing network is really admirable. They’re a super hardworking duo that seamlessly slot into any role from business collaborator to personal trainer to great friend.

– Tess Taylor, Director of Tap Social Movement

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