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This week we catch up with Sarah and Jo from Eagle Vintage to find out more about what inspired them to open their fabulous shop! Plus they’ll be sharing their top tips for starting an indie business and of course, they’ll be spreading the indie love by telling us their favourite go to businesses in Oxford too!

Tell us about your business and how you came up with the idea

We have both always had a shared passion for vintage clothing and believe that it plays such a huge role is making fashion more sustainable. Whilst we were away doing some travelling we kept finding amazing little vintage shops and it would spark conversation between us about what we loved and disliked about vintage shops, so we decided to create something with all the bits about vintage shopping that we loved, whilst playing our small part in protecting our world.

Eagle Vintage Oxford

Before we were shopkeepers, we were….

I was a H&S consultant for a major fashion chain. My job as I’m sure it sounds, was incredibly dull, and I was always more interested in the fashion side of things. I wanted to be involved with something more creative but not as wasteful as the high fashion industry is. I dabbled in selling vintage clothing online, before deciding to take the plunge and make it my full time position. – Jo

I worked as a wellbeing worker for a mental health charity. I loved my job and working with a huge variety of people, luckily the shop means I still get to meet lots of interesting new people. Again, I have always had such a huge interest in the fashion industry and have a little history in business so hopefully a good match! – Sarah

eagle vintage Oxford

Who or what inspires you?  

We find inspiration in each other. For me (Sarah), I’m always in awe of how fearlessly Jo does things, her passion and just how great she always looks – her ability to ‘throw’ together an outfit is unreal! We have very different style in almost all we do/wear so its always really interesting for me to draw inspiration from that.

I’m inspired by Sarah a lot, she is always so considered and controlled, when I am quite the opposite, so she really balances me out and helps me to think things through properly with the shop. She is effortlessly stylish.

What do you hope Eagle Vintage will be best known for?

We hope we will be known for the experience you have whilst in Eagle Vintage. From the quality and selection of the clothes we stock, to the beautiful, roomy changing room, we hope we have achieved the right balance between creating a light, spacious environment whilst still keeping that authentic fun vintage shopping feel.

eagle vintage Oxford

What makes your shop unique?

We have both always been avid vintage clothing shoppers, however there were always parts of vintage shopping we liked and disliked. A lot of vintage shops are like jumble sales, whilst this can be fun, you have to be very determined to get through the items to find something you like, we wanted to do something different with our shop, create a spacious space, where the clothes stood out for themselves, we wanted to create an experience, an enjoyable way of shopping vintage.

Tell us how you go about sourcing and curating your collections

We travel around the country (and sometimes even abroad) collecting and hand picking our stock – we’ve been collecting for quite a while! This means we can sell good quality pieces that we have spent time sourcing. We strive to ensure our ‘basics’, such as our jeans, are high quality and that our other items are individual and timeless.

eagle vintage Oxford

Why did you choose Jericho, Oxford to open your shop?

-We just really loved the vibes here, it was a love at first sight moment with the shop. It’s full of independent shops and lovely people so has a really nice community feel to it, we’ve been made to feel very welcome.

What is the best lesson you have learned in opening a shop?

That some risks are worth taking. We could have day dreamed about this and in years to come regretted never actually doing something that makes us happy. Yes its been hard work and stressful, but we have created something we’re proud of and hopefully people will love it. We can know that we believed in something and were able to make it happen.

What would be your advice for anyone wanting to open a shop?

Be patient with yourself and the people that are helping you, things will go wrong it’s only natural so try not get too frustrated. We would also say to trust your instinct, if you’re doing something that you’re passionate about and have knowledge on, feel able to let yourself make decisions and know they’re the right ones. What you’re doing is about to become such a huge part of your life, enjoy it.

Can you tell us your five favourite independent business in Oxford?

Oh we have so many favourites, but the ones that spring to mind first are;

Mamma Mia – our neighbour that has gotten us through many a late night decorating session

Barefoot Bakery – the cakes there!!

Ultimate Picture Palace – Such a cool place to watch some classics

Old Fire Station – We just love everything this place does.

Jericho Coffee Traders – We love a good coffee in the morning!

eagle vintage

We’re so happy to have Eagle Vintage as part of the Indie Oxford family and can’t wait to head down to Jericho and spend an afternoon exploring all the amazing handpicked items in stock! You can find out more about Eagle Vintage here.

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