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17 Jan 2023 - 27 Jan 2023


3:00 pm - 5:30 pm



Tackling Overwhelm: Free Webinar

Feeling overwhelmed?

So many of us are frantically trying to keep all the plates spinning. We are being pulled in every direction, stretched too thinly, with too much on our plate, worrying about missing key deadlines and ultimately struggling to prioritise. If not managed, we can so easily slip into stress and burnout.

In our 30-minute power up webinar, we will share tools and techniques to create clear visibility, help you re-prioritise, delegate and let go. We will help you create the next clear tangible action and provide you with takeaways on how to communicate with others around this, effectively.

Designed deliberately to keep it bite sized and accessible, we are offering a range of dates and times. All events are online and 30 minutes. Feel free to keep your cameras off, eat lunch or grab a coffee.
Tuesday 17th January 2023: 15.00 GMT Hosts: Jenn and Lindsey
Tuesday 17th January 2023: 18.00 GMT Hosts: Jenn and Lindsey
Friday 27th January 2023: 12.00 GMT Host: Lindsey
Friday 27th January 2023: 17.00 GMT Host: Jenn

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