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Sarah Wiseman Gallery
40-41 S Parade, Oxford OX2 7JL

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08 May 2021 - 29 May 2021


10:00 am - 5:30 pm


Free admission

Nathalie Moisy | Change, Transience, Harmony

Sarah Wiseman Gallery announces Change, Transience, Harmony a solo exhibition by painter and calligrapher Nathalie Moisy, an inter-disciplinary artist based in Oxford. Nathalie’s work investigates a range of subject matter which includes nature, landscapes and the power and intricacy of human relationships. She favours using traditional media such as ink, brushes and papers and natural pigments, such as gofun, a white pigment derived from shells left to weather naturally for decades. Much of her aesthetic is borne from her many years spent living in Japan, and her MA research in ModernJaponisme.

In her solo exhibition, Nathalie follows two lines of enquiry that flow and harmonise together. In the first, Nathalie immerses us in a series of large-scale, semi-abstracted paintings, which provoke an instinctive reaction of the viewer; one of familiarity and calm as if looking down at the surface of our blue planet, in all its varying shades.

The colour blue’s impact on us as humans, is innate. ‘Amongst many of its associated meanings,’ Nathalie explains ‘Dark blue shows intelligence, authority, dignity and truth, bright blue means cleanliness, strength, whilst light blue shows peace, serenity and infinity.’

With this investigation, Nathalie is inevitably interested in changes caused by the impact of human and commercial behaviours on environmental sustainability, namely our oceans.

In her second theme, Nathalie is drawn to the motif of trees in blossom. These delicate flowers are perhaps symbolic of all life, which is unable to survive without water. The trees are also very much part of a tradition in Japan, called hanami when families visit and picnic under the flowering branches, to appreciate their beauty and reflect on life’s ephemeral nature.

Nathalie says, ‘Although not exclusively an art activist, I often challenge viewers to see beyond the surface of visual representation, being abstract or representational. My work is layered with meaning, metaphors and visual cues all interpreted with techniques, materials and processes relevant to the subject matter.’

Nathalie works as a full-time artist, designer, calligrapher and has previously been professional jeweller and gemmologist, producing her own award-winning designs.

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