5 Teas To Celebrate International Tea Day

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Today is International Tea Day, a day to celebrate it’s rich culture and history, look at ways to promote sustainable production, and increase awareness in the importance of tea in the fight against poverty.

According to tea.co.uk, we consume 100 million cups of tea everyday in the UK, and it’s the perfect brew to drink on a hot day as it helps to reduce your core temperature.

So, if like many other Brits, you’re on your 2nd or 3rd cup of the day, have you thought about where your tea comes from, whats in it, and where to get the best cup? As big tea fans, we were thirsty for knowledge, and asked Indie Oxford member Valerie from Team Tea to suggest 5 teas to celebrate International Tea Day, and continue our search for the perfect cuppa. >>


Classic English Breakfast blend. Assam based for lovely smooth maltiness, with Kenyan teas for strength and colour. Nilgiri teas add brightness and Keemun adds woody notes. Blended to be drunk with milk. If using plant milks, try of a few different ones until you find one you like, and also look out for ‘Barista’ milks as these tend not to split in hot drinks. Brew at 100C for 3-4 minutes. With loose-leaf it is important to give the tea enough time to brew but not too long that it goes bitter. For a stronger tea, try using more leaf.

Team Breakfast Tea


A fruity open leaf style white tea from the Highlands of East Kenya. Lighter than a black tea, this is a great alternative with breakfasts such as granola and fresh fruit. Contains caffeine, but brew at 80C for 4 mins so there will be less caffeine extracted. White teas are rich in anti-oxidants as they are picked from young buds and leaves and minimally processed.



Naturally caffeine-free and rich in Vitamin C, antioxidants and anthocyanin that have heart health benefits and are believed to help with high blood pressure. Hibiscus on its own can be tart, but the addition of berries (Elderberries & Blackcurrants) adds sweetness.

Berries & Hibiscus Tea


We brewed this as a Golden milk/latte by simmering 1.5 cups of milk on the stove with 2 tsp of leaf for 15 minutes. Add a touch of coconut oil and sweeten to taste (honey or maple syrup), before straining and drinking. Naturally caffeine-free, Turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties which are believed to help throughout the body, from easing joint pain & arthritis to supporting the immune system, relieving colds and sore throats, aiding with digestion and IBS and even boosting your mood!



Assam teas form the base of breakfast blends, so a single estate Assam is a good way to elevate your breakfast tea whilst still being familiar. Expect lots of smooth maltiness, and depth of flavour that pairs well with strong foods, both sweet and savoury, from jam to fry-up! Can be drunk with milk, and brew similar to breakfast tea, 100C for 3-4 mins.

Tarajulie Assam Tea

Valerie started Team Tea to banish boring brews, and these 5 have definitely piqued our interest. She is passionate about real tea and showcasing the immense diversity that this single plant has to offer. The core values of Team Tea are ethical sourcing, sustainability, quality and taste, helping us to discover new favourites. To mark International Tea Day, Valerie is offering 15% off across all teas until midnight Monday, using code TEADAY20, and free delivery on orders over £20. Visit the Team Tea online store.

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