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Anna and I set up Independent Oxford to help support, promote and champion the independent businesses of Oxfordshire 3.5 years ago. Whether they are shops, bars, restaurants or places to stay, these indies make this city just as rich, as interesting and as unique as its world famous, University centric history.

Independent businesses reflect the places we live, our cultures and our communities. We want people to know the alternatives to the identikit nationwide high street stores and make considered, well-meaning purchases that last.

In this blog I explore some of the reasons to support local, independent businesses, and how they can benefit us all.

The Local Economy

To support a healthy and sustainable local economy, we need to buy local. This helps our communities thrive.

Sanders of Oxford


Small local businesses are owned and run by passionate people that enthuse about what they do, and are more than happy to help and give advice. Buying from people rather than faceless corporations, will always be a more enjoyable experience, and offer you a level of authenticity that chain stores cannot compete with.

Happy Cakes Oxford

Customer Service

Local business owners will build a genuine relationship with you in a way that chain stores cannot. This means you get a tailor made service, personalised advice and a friendly warm welcome. Independent businesses are stocking their shelves with the people of their community in mind.

Bicycle Blooms Oxford


Local businesses not only support the local economy, but supporting them is helping the environment. Walking, cycling, or catching the bus to your local high street is a far cleaner way of shopping than driving to out of town shopping parks.

Annie Sloan Oxford


Independent local businesses add character and creativity to our communities, making our towns and cities unique, vibrant and original.

Objects of Use Oxford


Local businesses pave the way for innovation in the UK. Being a small business means they have a fleet of foot and flexibility that larger chains do not have. Driven by the passionate people behind them, independent businesses will often showcase cutting edge design, new product ideas and unique store concepts. By supporting independents, you are making innovation possible.

Modern Baker Oxford


The more independent businesses we have in our communities, the more product diversity and choice we have as customers. Chain stores homogenise our high streets with nationwide ranges and product offerings. Local businesses stock products they are passionate about, and buy and make items based on local customer feedback.

Indigo Oxford


Local business owners, often create their stores, restaurants, cafes or cinemas to uplift their communities. Supporting and helping other people in our community makes us feel good too.

Yoga Quota Oxford

Hard Work

There is a lot of hard work, daily struggles and risk that goes into starting and running your own business. This is why 8 out of 10 businesses fail within the 1st year. So you know that to despite this, a whole lot of heart and soul must go into each and every business to be able to take the rough with the smooth.

Silvie Oxford

Good For Your Health

Buying local produce means less preservatives are needed to survive longer journeys, not to mention the benefits of local honey to help ease symptoms of hay fever.

2 North Parade Oxford

There is a world of wonderful independent businesses to explore in Oxford and the surrounding county. You can check out our members directory, and also find a whole host of brilliant businesses and designers at our Christmas Market held at Turl Street Kitchen on 1st and 2nd December from 10-5 pm. Come and discover with us!

Love, Rosie xxx

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