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Today is the International Day of Happiness so with that in mind I thought it would be great to share some tips and inspiration for living a happier life. We are all for people following their dreams, and living fulfilled happy lives as a result, here at Independent Oxford. In fact, the reason Anna and I set up Indie Oxford initially was to create a network in Oxford through which we could find support, and help others, to do just that. Working with the indie community we have brought together over the last 2 years has created so much joy, and a sense of togetherness which has enabled collaborations and connections to strengthen our businesses.

So from our Indie Oxford journey, here are 10 hints and tips to help to find happiness through your local indie community.

Happy Together

Happy Cakes

Helping others not only boosts their happiness but yours too. Building connections with people makes us feel better and also helps build a happier society too.

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Supporting indies means you are boosting the local economy which helps you find joy in supporting a small business. If you can’t afford to shop, sharing and posting about indies on social media is valuable to them too.

Connect With Others

People with strong relationships are happier and healthier. Close relationships give us support, love and self worth, and our social networks give us a sense of belonging.

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Meet up with friends in your favourite cafe or take a leisurely lunch. Or, stop to chat to the people that make your coffee and give yourself a morning boost!

Take Care Of Yourself

Exercise, relax, sleep. Make sure you look after your physical health to boost your happiness.

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Take up Yoga at Turl Street Kitchen, refuel at Modern Baker and pick up some relaxing essential oils at Oxford Aromatics to help you unwind and get a good night’s sleep.

Be Mindful

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Notice the little things that make you feel good.

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Treat yourself to some flowers, or give yourself 10 minutes away from your desk to quiet the mind.

Learn New Things

The Annie Sloan Shop

Keep engaged and curious by trying new things.

How to >>

Sign up to an Annie Sloan course or try a workshop at the Old Fire Station.

Have Something To Look Forward To

Turn your dreams into goals.

How to >>

Plan, and take the first step. If you’re thinking about starting your own business, planning an event or trying to find your dream job, talk to someone who has done it before. Our Indie Oxford business meet ups are a great way of connecting with people who are a mine of information, and keen to support fledgling start ups.

Dealing With Set Backs


Talk, rest, treat yourself. Sometimes it’s hard to manage it, but you choose how you react emotionally.

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Practice a little bit of self care, talk through your set back with a close friend, a problem shared is a problem halved. Be gentle to yourself, give yourself time to relax and treat yourself.

Find Your Reset Buttons

Focus on the positives.

How to >>

Tell your partner or a friend three things you enjoyed today, however small they may be, for example, cherry blossom, delicious cake or the cycle home.

Be Comfortable With Who You Are

Comparison is the thief of joy.

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 Don’t worry what others are doing, focus on your journey and your strengths, even the little things. Whether you need a personal boost or some perspective on your business, sit down with a friend to look at your strengths and realise the postivity in your uniqueness. We all have something awesome to offer.

Be Part Of Something Bigger

Join a community.

How to >>

We have a really great thriving community in Oxford. Join us for an Oxford Instameet, sign up to be an Indie Oxford member or pop along to our business meet ups. Working together, supporting each other and building local relationships is a great way to add purpose and a sense of belonging when you’re feeling alone and lost.

I hope you have found these tips useful. If we all practice kindness and support each other, we make ourselves happier and create a better community as a result.






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