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This week we catch up with Katie from Everybody Studio, a small, supportive, non judgmental space for yoga, Pilates, barre and holistic therapies in St Clements.

Tell me about your business.

How did you get into teaching yoga? I started practicing yoga when my friend did teacher training, a long time ago! I then started practicing more regularly when dealing with two deaths of close family members. For me, it has always been more about the benefits for my mental health than anything else. I trained as a teacher with no intention of teaching, and then slowly got sucked into it to the point of quitting my job and teaching full time.

Everybody Studio Oxford
Photo by Dulcy Lott

How do you feel the classes at Everybody Studio helps your mental & physical well-being?

Our class are really varied. This is my favourite thing about the studio – we have experienced teachers who come from really different backgrounds and practices, so I really believe there’s something for everyone. Of course, not every teacher suits every student so I love that we have such a range. All our teachers are approachable, friendly and offer an inclusive class. You won’t walk in and find someone in an arm balance, warming up. This is really important to us – even as a teacher I regularly used to feel intimidated by those kinds of classes so I wanted everybody to walk in and feel at home.

Everybody Studio Oxford
Photo by Dulcy Lott

How many people do you have in each class on average, and what ability levels are they?

All abilities! Some classes are more suitable for beginners, but you can walk into any class and be offered modifications and variations for each pose. Our classes are small, with a maximum of 10. We don’t believe in cramming people in – we want intimacy and for the teacher to be able to access everyone.

Everybody Studio Oxford
Photo by Dulcy Lott

When people join a class, what do you hope they get out of it?

More than anything, I hope they feel welcome and part of our community. It’s been wonderful to watch friendships develop between students, particularly during pregnancy and postnatal classes, which I know have brought support and long lasting relationships to both students and teachers.

What is your favourite class you offer at the moment?

I love restorative yoga, so I’d have to say Ale’s Friday class. However, as I have just had a baby, postnatal is the one for me right now. Yoga, mutual support and usually a coffee after is amazing for my mental and physical health when I’m struggling to find time for even 5 minutes practice at home.

Everybody Studio Oxford
Photo by Dulcy Lott

Do you have any tips for simple techniques we should be practising every day?

For me, as someone who experiences anxiety fairly frequently, an extended exhale is the absolute best tool. It works well in labour too! So simple, just breathe out for slightly longer than you breathe in.

What is the best advice you ever received?

This is really simple: be kind to yourself. We all expect too much of ourselves and spend too much time in the future or past. Trying to accept where you are and your limits is a constant struggle but a very worthwhile one.

Everybody Studio Oxford
Photo by Dulcy Lott

What guidance would you give to someone setting up their own indie business?

Your team is the most important thing. Find people who share your business ethos and value them. Not least because it can be pretty lonely doing it by yourself!

Everybody Studio Oxford
Photo by Dulcy Lott

Lastly, which are your favourite Oxford independents?

Oli’s Thai and Arbequina for food, and Gatineau for the best pastries. Also Barefoot‘s brownies.

Olis Thai Oxford
Arbequina Oxford
Gatineau Oxford
Barefoot Oxford

Katie is a real advocate for the positive effects of community and exercise on our mental health and well-being. Her friendly studio is an embodiment of that, and we are so pleased to have Everybody Studio as part of our indie Oxford community.

To find out more about upcoming classes, check out the Everybody Studio calendar.

Love, Rosie xxx

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