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Today on the blog, we talk to Olivia all about acupuncture; her career change that lead to Olivia Selinger Acupuncture, PLUS she reveals the truth behind key acupuncture myths. Check it all out here. >>

Olivia Selinger Acupuncture

Acupuncture is one of the oldest known forms of medicine and is increasingly popular in today’s complex world.

It offers a safe and pain free method of addressing a range of mental and physical conditions. It can also help improve people’s feelings of general wellbeing and balance.  People often seek acupuncture for conditions including digestive issues, headaches, fertility, pain, long covid, anxiety and much more.

How did you become interested in acupuncture?  

I came across acupuncture during a period of my own ill-health. I was taken aback by the positive impact it had on my health and well-being.
I decided to have a career change and completed a degree in acupuncture.  I continue to be fascinated by how transformative this treatment can be, and the real changes it can make to people’s lives. I love sharing these benefits with others.


What’s unique about what you offer?

Acupuncture is unique in that it diagnoses and resolves the underlying causes of health issues, rather than purely treating the symptoms. For example, rather than taking the pain of headaches away, treatments can stop them occurring in the first place.
I offer tailored treatments based on people’s individual situations – adapting the way I work to meet their specific needs. Doing this can lead to profound improvements to their health and quality of life.

Are there any myths you’d like to debunk?

Firstly, acupuncture isn’t painful. The needles are incredibly thin, and you rarely feel them. Many people find the treatments very relaxing.
Secondly, acupuncture is proven to work. There is a substantial evidence base that it is effective in treating a range of conditions.


Where in Oxfordshire do you operate, and how do people get in touch?

I offer acupuncture from The Little Health Hub in the West Oxford Community Centre on Botley Road in Oxford. You can get in touch via my website.

I’m really happy to chat to people before they book, to find out how acupuncture might help them.

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