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Welcome to the world of LORDS Fragrance House. Experience scents that are inspired by wonderful places across the planet, and memories made there. From cool wet rainforests, to dry warm beaches, the experiences and memories made when travelling and exploring have inspired this ever growing range of unique scents. Using natural oils, sustainable natural waxes, and eco friendly packaging we wont be harming the planet by enjoying these products either. Made in Oxfordshire, UK.

Lords Fragrance

These scents really are my memories in fragrant form, and so this has become somewhat of a personal travel blog for me, however I feel very blessed to be able to be based and produce all the products in Oxfordshire. The community spirit is incredible and I have felt such support since starting this business in 2021.

– Sasha Lord, Founder

I love Lords Fragrance, Sasha is talented and passionate and I love how she connects diffuser/candle scents to places she’s been, exemplifying how strong a connection there is between memory and smell. Her Positano scent took me right back to my holiday on the Amalfi coast!

– Annabel Latham, Owner at Annabel’s Patisserie

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