Annabels Patisserie Oxfordshire
Annabels Patisserie Oxfordshire
Annabels Patisserie Oxfordshire




Annabel’s Patisserie is a micro-patisserie specialising in artisan chocolates. The founder, Annabel Latham, is a Le Cordon Bleu trained pastry chef and has worked all over the UK, as well as Australia and New Zealand. She has a passion for quality, local produce, as well as supporting the local economy. Local fruits and alcohols often feature in her colourful creations.

Find out more about Annabel’s indie journey in her Indie Oxford interview.

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Annabels Patisserie Oxfordshire

I love my business because I’m granted full creative freedom to express myself through my food. I feel incredibly lucky to be my own boss and build my business from the ground up without any of the toxic elements that are often found in hospitality. I try to be the best I can be, both in supporting my employees with their work/life balance, as well as making the most of what Oxfordshire has to offer by using as much local produce as possible, and taking part in local markets.

– Annabel Latham, Owner

Annabel’s Patisseries are my forever favourite treat. Annabel is an incredibly inspiring individual but her talent for flavours, textures, design and overall product is something I have never seen.

– Laila Pipara, owner at Laila Pipara Photography

Laila Pipara Photography
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