Journey into Ayurveda Oxfordshire
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Journey into Ayurveda Oxfordshire


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Rasangi is a certified Ayurvedic Consultant and offers a full and in-depth consultation where your natural constitution and doshic imbalances will be assessed. Combined with this she will identify causative factors which have led to your health condition and offer a personalised and holistic treatment plan. This will include advice on diet, lifestyle, herbs, and oils where necessary. Ayurvedic herbs and oils are an integral part of the tradition of Ayurveda and helps restore mind/body equilibrium, healing and prevention of disease.

Her treatment covers a range of conditions from skin conditions, digestive disorders (IBS/Crohn’s), menopause symptoms to respiratory conditions. Ayurvedic treatment starts from the cleansing and restoring of balance in the gut which is powerfully effective in healing many health conditions including chronic autoimmune diseases.

Journey into Ayurveda Oxfordshire

With Ayurveda came my understanding that no single diet or exercise regime is ever suitable for all. This was the beginning of a powerful shift. What we consume through our five senses have an intrinsic effect on our health and well-being. Consumption without an understanding of our constitution and imbalances can provoke toxins and disease. Not only does Ayurveda give you the awareness, it also gives you the tools to correct the imbalance. Our diet and lifestyle hold the key to manifesting health and well-being.

It is incredibly liberating to understand how to prevent disease with the choices that we make daily. Not just through what we eat, but also the way we live and the choices we make that have an emotional impact.

– Rasangi Prematilaka, Practitioner and Founder

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