Horsebox Coffee team at Museum of Natural History Oxford
Horsebox Coffee Roastery Oxfordshire
Horsebox Coffee Roastery Oxfordshire


Opening Times

The lawn at the Museum of Natural History & Pitt Rivers 9 am – 5 pm daily.

Roastery – by appointment (just call first).



Horsebox Coffee Co. is a collection of small, independent mobile coffee shops and a cute vintage 2CV coffee van. It sources speciality coffee from around the globe and roast at the ‘Dark Horse Roastery’ located on a quiet working farm in South Oxfordshire.

Ethical trading and sustainability are very important to Emily and the team, who believe the perfect cup is a result of teamwork, partnerships and passion. Emily sources direct, as much as possible, building long term relationships with coffee producers, paying a premium which reflects the quality of the coffee, allowing producers to reinvest in their farms, communities and support their families. The team then expertly roast in small batches to develop each coffee’s unique character. Emily not only creates the much enjoyed signature blends, but also presents a wide selection of seasonal single estate coffees for those looking for a coffee adventure. She is keen to share her passion, knowledge and skills with other coffee lovers, whether that’s the home barista wanting to make a delicious morning brew, coffee shops, farm shops or restaurants that are just as enthused about delicious ethical and sustainable coffee as she is.

Listen to Emily’s story on S1 E4 of the Independent Oxford Podcast, and read about her journey on the Independent Oxford blog. You can also find Horsebox Coffee Company in the round up of The Best Cafes in Oxford on the Independent Oxford blog.

Emily Stewart Horsebox Coffee Oxford

I’ve been passionate about coffee and the people and process behind the perfect brew for two decades now. Converting my childhood horsebox into a mobile speciality coffee shop and opening our ‘Dark Horse Roastery’ has meant building stronger relationships with fellow coffee lovers and professionals both here and at origin, and learning so much more along the way! I grew up in Oxfordshire and its wonderful being home and sharing this, and most importantly being part of an independent business community, the makers and shakers!

– Emily Stewart, Owner

Dark Horse Coffee Roastery are just fantastic. Passionate, supportive and kind they have kept the cafe running with their amazing products which customers rave about on the daily!

– Rachel Blackie, Owner at Waterside Cafe

Waterside Cafe Farmoor
Anna Browning The Dogs Spot Abingdon

We’re proud to serve coffee from Dark Horse Roastery. We not only love that it’s locally-roasted and it tastes great, but also Emily and her team are so passionate about what they do. And of course they have been a huge support since we came to them with our sketchy business idea 18 months ago!

– Anna Browning, Co-Owner at The Dog’s Spot


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