Ducky Zebra kids clothes Oxford
Ducky Zebra baby clothes Oxford
Ducky Zebra baby clothes Oxford




Ducky Zebra is an Oxford-based startup creating high-quality, sustainable childrenswear (0-6Y). Its fun ‘kid-approved’ clothes challenge the harmful gender stereotypes found in high-street kids’ clothing:

– Girls’ clothes are often pink, cute and impractical. They promote kindness, but not always confidence.

– Boys’ clothes are often blue, aggressive and adventure seeking. They promote confidence, but not always kindness.

Ducky Zebra brings these two characteristics together, allowing all children to celebrate kindness AND confidence equally.

Its items are made from soft GOTS organic cotton and include an embroidered ‘splash power button’, which acts as a reminder to splash kindness and confidence, even at times when it might be hard.

Ducky Zebra has strong links with the Oxford Baby Bank and donates 1% of its turnover to charity. It also works closely with other UK organisations to challenge gender stereotypes and promote slow, sustainable fashion.

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Ducky Zebra Oxfordshire

I was so frustrated with the lack of options available for my kids. Girls’ clothes are often pink, cute and impractical while boys’ clothing is blue, aggressive and adventure-seeking. Why can’t girls be confident and boys be kind? I wanted my kids to wear items that inspire both these positive characteristics, while also being kind to the planet. When I couldn’t find any high street brands doing it, I decided to do it myself and launched Ducky Zebra.

– Sally Dear, Founder

I absolutely adore Ducky Zebra and it’s colourful clothes for my little one year old boy. Not only is Ducky Zebra smashing gender stereotyping, but the clothes are sustainable, high quality and made to last, which is something I am extremely passionate about.

– Sarah Franklin, Owner at Sarah Franklin Designs

Blue Fox Creative Sarah Franklin
The Woolhound Oxford

I highly admire Sally Dear’s ethos and ideals that she has poured into Ducky Zebra. Her kindness and enthusiasm makes you as excited for her products as she is!

– Jessica Thomaz, Owner at The Woolhound

We met Sally from Ducky Zebra while doing a pop up shop in The Covered Market. We love her clothes and now stock them as they are a good fit with our ethical products.

– Suzie Hodgson, Shop Manager at Headington Fairtrade

Susie Hodgson Headington Fairtrade Oxford
Craftymaze Oxford Bryony

I love the bright colours of Ducky Zebra’s clothes and they are always my first port of call when I need a present for a new baby. I couldn’t agree more with their mission to eliminate harmful gender stereotypes in children’s clothes.

– Bryony McMillan, Co-Founder at Crafty Maze

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