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January is often a month of health kicks, resolutions for a healthier lifestyle, avoidance of alcohol with Dry January, but what happens after? As we move into February, is it straight back to the booze for you, or are you opting for continued alcohol abstinence? 

Today on the blog we talk to Yasmin from Align Events about how they are helping the fun continue, minus the alcohol, with their non-alcoholic cocktails inspired by Oxford, and she’s even included a recipe for their amazing Flotini so you can try making it at home.>>


Let me take you back to the beginning and then share some highlights for the months ahead; 2023 is an exciting year!

When I first went sober in 2016 I noticed a stigma attached to those who don’t drink and a lack of understanding and inclusivity in social and hospitality sectors. I founded Align Events as a purposeful business to bring choice and inclusivity to the publicThe reasons people choose not to drink should not impact their social choices. Connection and joy are at the heart of what we do, choosing ingredients which enhance and stimulate the senses, facilitating social inclusion and cohesion by providing zero alcohol experiences that all can participate in. 

We create vegan, bespoke non-alcoholic cocktails using locally sourced ingredients and collaborating with sustainable suppliers. 

Inspired by JC Niala’s 1918 allotment project, and the inextricable multiple histories of Florence Park’s inhabitants, Yaz and Jamie (Align Events’ founder and bar technician) have created a new year’s non-alcoholic cocktail rooted firmly in the organic and unfolding journey of East Oxford.


By creating non-toxic, vegan and zero alcohol, inclusive cocktails, we aim to help usher in an age of socialising, centred on sustainability and interrelation. 6% of our profits go directly to support Alcohol Change UK.  

Myself and Jamie are Oxfordshire locals with a passion for delicious taste experiences and inclusivity. We are partnered in love and in business to create Align Events to be the balm to what we saw as missing in Oxford’s social scene—inclusive and fun drinking experiences. 

We are working with local businesses in the Oxfordshire community to bring you more classes, events and exciting offers so stay tuned to our socials @align_events_ to find out how we can help you celebrate life joyfully and inclusively! 

Here are some highlights for the first few months of 2023 

Catch a live tasting of their chilli margarita and an interview with Yaz on BBC Radio Oxford from 11:10am on 2nd Feb!

Hosting a valentine’s cocktail work shop at Club Soda, Covent Garden on the 11th Feb and returning to Eco Wedding Show, Cambridge to run the bar on the 12th March 

 If you are interested in finding more out about what services Align Events offer head to the Align Events Instagram or website

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