5 Reasons To Take Up Yoga In 2022

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The focus for the Indie Oxford blog this month is health & wellbeing. So far we’ve heard about the inspiration behind Let’s Grow Boxing in St Clements, and taken a peak inside The Project PT’s new studio on Magdalen Road. On the Indie Oxford blog today, Katie from Every Body Studio (just above The Project PT) shares her top five reasons to give yoga a go in 2022. >>

Katie Gordon, Everybody Studio Oxford

5 Reasons To Take Up Yoga In 2022

  1. Yoga is really good for you. It is genuinely great for both physical and mental health! There is a lot of research on the many benefits of yoga, but broadly speaking we know it has positive effects on mild depression and anxiety so if you’re not feeling quite yourself, it can be a great addition.
  2. It’s a great way to get your body moving – a beginners class can help you make better friends with your body and gain confidence in a fitness or wellness space.
  3. Yoga is about more than just the poses – so if you’d like to explore more, you can also learn about meditation, or the history and philosophy of the practice.
  4. Community. Yoga studios are great places to meet people and make new friends without it being too awkward. Join a workshop or class and there’s no pressure to talk to anyone, but the option is there if you’d like to.
  5. It’s fun. The best way to develop a new habit, whether it’s fitness, or health or just wanting to move your body, is to do something that you enjoy.
Everybody Studio Oxford yoga

It’s a good idea to join a dedicated beginners class if you’re totally new to yoga so you can learn without injuring yourself. If you’d like to start a new habit this year, Every Body Studio on Magdalen road has beginners classes every week – and if you find that yoga isn’t for you – you can try one of our pilates or barre classes instead.

Everybody Studio Oxford yoga

Every Body Studio is a small, supportive, non judgmental space for movement classes on Magdalen Road in east Oxford. Katie and the team specialise in Yoga, Pilates and Barre, and you can find out more about the new studio on Magdalen Road here.

Everybody Studio Oxford
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