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Last week we were lucky enough to have Penny Tunnell speak at our first meet up of 2020. Penny joined our indie community last year as a business member, and offers business coaching and consultancy to help businesses grow and achieve their goals. Her talk centred on how to gain clarity and plan for a successful and happy year ahead, definitely the inspirational spark we all need in January!

Penny’s background is in retail, having worked for a host of retailers from Boots to the National Trust and managing product development in Hong Kong for clients including Disney. With a world of experience, connections and business acumen at her feet, she set up Purpose to Profit, a consultancy helping business realise their potential.

Ahead of her workshop on 10th March entitled ‘How To Grow Your Business – Without Burnout’, Penny shares are top tips for achieving your goals in 2020.

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Don’t think of work and your real life as separate things; I always talk about work/home balance, not work/life balance. If you can weave your core values through both your work and your home activities, you will be happier, and feel more integrated, less torn. It is one life, and your work and home are two big parts of the jigsaw.

‘things which matter most must never be at the mercy of things which matter least’ – Goethe

Simplify things so that you are giving the best of yourself to what matters most. The quotation closest to my heart is from Goethe, ‘things which matter most must never be at the mercy of things which matter least’. Do this by going inwards, breathing, thinking deeply, meditating, whatever taps you into what really matters to you.

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Get into nature; whatever works for you, breathe fresh air and feel the ground beneath your feet; act like the dog who puts its head out of the window to feel the breeze!

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Reflect on the past to understand what works and what you want to improve. Ask often for feedback, and ask yourself too; what was great about that, what else? What else? Then, finally, what do I want to improve or change. Be grateful for all the good things that you received or learnt last year.

Do a list of drains and radiators; the drains are activities or people who steal your energy, bring you down, make you feel less confident or capable. Cut them out or minimise their impact. Radiators are people and activities that enhance your life, make you smile, feel good about yourself and boost your energy. Look through your contacts and call someone who’s a radiator!

Penny Tunnell Oxford

Do a list of the things you want more of and less of this year and think about what you are going to STOP, START and CONTINUE doing to create movement in the right direction.

Be clear about what is urgent and what is important. DO IT NOW, DIARISE IT, DELEGATE IT, OR DUMP IT.

Penny Tunnell Oxford

Have goals for this year that are stretching and really important to you. Three seems plenty. Break them down into activities. Decide when you will do them, who can support you, how you will handle barriers, and what will it look and feel like when you have achieved them. How will you monitor progress and deal with setbacks? It is great to have ONE THING above all others that you are going to focus on.

Write your goals down, or do a vision board; something tangible and physical that you can refer to often, keep it updated and real. Make sure they are your goals and not someone else’s, or based on societal pressures.

LISTEN; to your own body, what does it need right now? Rest, food, fresh air, exercise. If you become more in tune to the rhythms and needs of your body, you will learn to love your body more and respect what it is telling you. If you give your body what it really needs, then you will be less at the mercy of the cravings of your mind and emotions.

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These tips are invaluable if you are starting, or growing a business. If this has got you inspired to get on track in 2020, but you need help to outline the actions to take, then join Penny for a day long workshop to do just that.

How To Grow You Business – Without Burnout will show you how to grow a successful business without burn out.

This workshop is for you if you want to clarify your priorities and put a plan in place for the year ahead, understand how to align personal values and business vision, start to create a simple, professional business plan, stay on top, stay motivated and measure performance.

Penny’s workshop will cover:

• Goal setting

• Reflections on 2019

• The power of Vision and Values

• Self-awareness and personal strengths

• Why plan, and whose plan is it anyway?

• Business drivers and understanding what matters

• Creating personal and professional goals

• Measuring and managing performance

• Mind-set and motivation

• Creating an exciting, stretching and achievable action plan!

• Getting started and staying on top!

The workshop takes place on 10th March at Exeter College in Oxford. This is a great chance to spend time with a business expert without paying consultancy rates!

Grab this opportunity to make sure your year is a successful and happy one.

If you have any questions you can either email Penny or contact us.



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