How To Stay Happy & Healthy During COVID-19 Lockdown With The Project PT

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Today on the blog, Alexa & Ajaye from The Project PT talk about the importance of routine, eating well and exercise. >>

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Maintaining healthy habits will help us all get through this process.

Learning to accept and understand our new reality will give us the opportunity to appreciate how we can live within it. The world as we know it now is nothing like what it used to be, but this offers us so many opportunities. Pub quizzes happen on zoom, grandparents babysit their children through skype and our teenagers are having house parties in the safety of their bedrooms. We must all innovate, adapt and compromise. So, what do health habits look like now and what can we all be doing?

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Exercise. The government have given us the go ahead to go out everyday and exercise, how fantastic is that? So, get outside! Use this time to connect with nature, walk, run, bike ride. Take your kids, don’t take your kids! Sign up to some free training sessions, yoga, HIIT, Pilates. There’s so much out there right now and so much of it is free. However, remember if it’s free we don’t always value it. It may be you need to pay for something or book in to a private one to one session to give you the support and get up and go you currently need. Connect with a friend, become fitness buddies. Tune in to the same classes, skype each other and do some stretches. Now is the time to look after your body. But please do not give yourself a hard time for how you look, it’s never the time for that.

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Cook healthily, eat well. We no longer have the excuse that we don’t have the time at home. Use fresh vegetables, fresh herbs. Eating well, providing your body with the right nutrition has probably never been as important as it is right now. We need to be fighting fit. Look after yourself. Avoid buying the unhealthy food, the processed rubbish. It’s not essential anyway, right? Buy fresh ingredients and when you get those sugary cravings you’ll have to be inventive.

Side-step coffee and alcohol, we have so much time on our hands right now and it’s going to be very easy to fall into that holiday trap of drinking every night. Limit yourself to the weekend, or to a set amount of days per week. Substitute with tasty homemade immune boosters, herbal teas or non-alcoholic options. If you can’t, fine, don’t give yourself a hard time, it’s not worth it.

Read books, meditate, give yourself escapism. We know better than anyone this isn’t easy, we have a 6 year old and a small business. But you must give yourself this time, time to release any anxiety and float away to somewhere else. Even if it is only for 10 minutes. Try free meditation apps, you tube clips or audible.

Maintain a routine, rise at a certain time, exercise at a certain time, eat at a certain time and escape at the right time.

The PT Project Oxford

Ajaye & Alexa are currently offering a range of classes to help keep you and your family moving during the crisis. Every week day they are offering free adventure fitness classes for kids at 9 am and 3.30 pm. They are also hosting online boutique boot camps for a maximum of 5 people at a time, so you get the coaching you need to get the most out of each session. Classes are £10 or buy an unlimited class pass for £65.

Stay home, stay safe and keep well.

Love, Rosie


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