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UnShamed Circles Oxford


UnShamed Circles


Oxford Playhouse
11-12 Beaumont St, OX12 Oxford

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28 Mar 2020


10:00 am - 1:00 pm


From £17.50

UnShamed Circles: Empowerment for Women Who Want More. [Perfectionism]

For our 1st UnShamed Circle of the year, we will focus on Befriending our Inner Critic.
“Shame dies when stories are told in safe places.” [Ann Voscamp]

We have grown accustomed to shame. Whether big or small, left unchecked, shame runs our lives. In these small group events, we’ll explore shame’s impacts – on our critical self-talk, our perfectionism, our not-enoughness – and how it is holding us back from living our full, authentic and liberated lives.
UnShamed Circles is for women who are ready to say ‘enough’ to being held back. From the moment we become aware that we are different to boys, we are taught not to talk about those differences, and we are shamed for everything that makes us women.

How can women take back their feminine power if we have internalised the shame of all things feminine?
UnShamed is for all women who were taught that silence is golden and girls don’t talk back. Let’s learn how to talk back.
In these small group coaching events we’ll take a topic and explore how it has impacted our lives, and is still impacting our lives. Gently we’ll look at how we can overcome this and emerge stronger with more self-knowledge and self-compassion – and power.

No-one will be required to share anything they don’t want to, although it is a group event and so some interaction should be expected (even if it is to say, today I would like to just listen).

In March we will be looking at Perfectionism.

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