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27 Apr 2021


12:00 pm - 1:00 pm



Making Values Stick Free Webinar

Do you:

  • Have values clearly stated in your business, yet individuals do not behave in a
    way that demonstrates those values?
  • Have clashes with others which seem to be down to a difference in values
    and how you see the world?
  • Want to find a way of living your values in all aspects of your life?

Companies nowadays will often state their values on their websites, on their office
walls. Yet, when you listen to the people who work there, it is obvious that people are
finding it difficult to live those values in how they communicate, work with others and
manage their own work.

Making Values Stick Free Webinar

Melanie Greene of Inspire Transformation is delighted to be running a free webinar with Val King from BFG Associates who was MD of The Roof Light Company for over 25 years until they went through an Employee Ownership (EO) process in 2020.

She now helps other businesses with EO. Val feels passionately about you living your business’s values and went through a process with The Roof Light Company to ‘make the values stick’.

In the first half of the webinar, Val will be sharing with you the process that can help you to make your company values stick. During the second part of the webinar, Melanie will talk

Book your free place: email mg@inspiretransformation.co.uk 

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