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The Reclaim Movement mission is to increase awareness of the importance of using all our innate natural movement patterns daily so we can continue doing what we love into our 90s! These movements are as simple as using good technique to get up and down off the ground efficiently, spend time on the ground in comfort, challenging our balancing skills, getting over obstacles and lifting safely. Incorporating achievable and accessible natural movements when doing practical tasks through the day, noticing how we move (or don’t!), creating movement breaks, walking and learning good technique helps us become more mobile, strong and confident in our bodies’ abilities. As a result we can reclaim lost movement ability, avoid injury and be adaptable to all life’s challenges. Coaching is offered through active involvement in classes (live online or on demand), private coaching, workshops, social media and in the future a natural movement walking group.

Reclaim Movement Oxford Wendy Welpton

Learning about natural movement changed my life after injury and years of chronic pain and led me to take a certification. I’m passionate about helping others to avoid pain and to enjoy moving through life. Having started coaching in 2020, I mainly do so online. As we’re able to meet more in person, I’m looking forward to spreading the word about the benefits of natural movement locally by events and collaborations with other purposeful small businesses. I’ve lived in Oxford with my husband and 3 boys for 17 years and love the community, city and wonderful surrounding countryside.

– Wendy Welpton, Owner

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