The Project PT new bond offer to help expand its social impact programme

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The Project PT is a unique space in Oxford. Not only is it a women owned business, but its focus on social impact is core to its mission.. 

The Project PT offers inclusive spaces, allowing people to feel empowered through movement. The business creates incredibly positive experiences with exercise.

Project PT

Since 2022, the gym in the heart of east Oxford has welcomed over 240 members, with a 94% retention rate. But this is just the tip of the iceberg for the business. The Project PT has worked with over 200 vulnerable young people, 47 housebound vulnerable adults, and delivered over 2,000 free breakfasts to school children.

Now, The Project PT is embarking on a new adventure as it looks to raise over £350,000 in bonds to fund the opening of two new gyms and expand its social impact programme.

By focusing on building physical and mental health wellbeing, the team at The Project PT educates people on healthy eating and different forms of exercise.

Project PT

Chair of The Project PT, Mitch Oliver, says “I have felt welcome, I have found a community and I have benefited hugely from the physical and mental strength that comes from taking control of my wellbeing. I hope that through working together we can extend that feeling to so many others, who might not think that the gym is a place for them.

A member of The Project PT has said, “The gym has had a huge positive impact on my mental health as I struggle quite a bit with anxiety/ depression. I focus solely on strength and boxing lessons and it’s helping me realise my own potential and finding a positive way to channel my thoughts.

Project PT

The Project PT has a seven-year vision in which it describes building a movement, not just a gym. The plan includes three new gyms in Oxford, reaching over 2,000 people, expanding its social impact programme to reach over 1,000 people, develop qualifications for both staff and local young people, employ up to 50 people from the local community, and most importantly – provide a blueprint for other businesses in how to create inclusive and safe spaces.

Ajaye Hunn-Phillips, Executive Director and Co-Founder says, “The Project PT is a dream come true, marrying my two passions of youth justice and fitness. The reception we have received so far in both the youth justice sector and our gym on Magdalen Road has been mind-blowing. The comments we receive on our clear purpose and company culture are the best feedback we can receive.

The east Oxford location is now close to capacity, and The Project PT recognises that it is time to expand. Thanks to making profit year-on-year, the business is able to continue with its social impact work. But there is a real need for more. 

Currently, The Project PT runs 14 social impact programmes, including:

Lift Youth – 122 participants

Strong Stance – 20 participants

Momentum – 150 participants

Move Together – 180 participants in the last 18 months

Project PT

Just think how much more The Project PT could do with £350,000.

If you are interested in learning more about this bond offer, and The Project PT’s plans, then head to the Ethex website here.

Project PT
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