Oxford Gastro Dietitians launch the Gut Health Revival Programme

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Rosie at Oxford Gastro Dietitians shares details of their new Gut Health Revival Programme and some wonderful reviews from previous clients. >>

Oxford Gastro Dietitians

Oxford based gastroenterology specialist dietitians Rosie Hogg, RD and Catherine Nash, RD have helped hundreds of clients discover their root cause of digestive distress and reclaim their vitality without the stress and uncertainty of facing it all alone. They offer a range of services to support clients in improving their gut health and overall well-being. 

The team of experienced dietitians are dedicated to helping people achieve their health goals through personalised nutrition plans and guidance. Whether they are looking for the gut health revival programme, 1:1 consultations, or resources to help them with dietary changes, they’ve got you covered. Clients can either book online or face to face sessions in Oxford.

Oxford Gastro Dietitians

The NEW Gut Health revival programme offers a 12-week programme

This 90-day online programme focuses on uncovering the truth behind your triggers, restoring The Gut-Brain Axis, reinvigorating your gut microbiome, and saying goodbye to symptoms like bloating, low energy, constipation, and diarrhoea. The Gut Health Revival programme gives you live online guidance for tackling EVERY aspect of your unique IBS journey. In turn, you’ll finally have all the knowledge, skills, and support you need to take charge of your IBS, enabling you to rediscover fun, food, and freedom.  

Jam-packed with weekly live Q&As, personalised check-ins, expert guest speaker visits, video course modules, workbooks, guides, resources, and a ton of other bonus freebies, The Gut Health Revival is the online programme you’ve been looking for. With only 30 spaces on offer, you’ll get the same 1-1 guidance of a private client at a HUGE fraction of the cost!

Alongside these sessions, you’ll also be assigned with your own Dietitian Supervisor, and receive six personal reviews over The Gut Health Revival’s duration. With these fortnightly email check-ins, you can have any pressing or private queries answered just for you – all while your Dietitian Supervisor reviews your food diaries and symptom evaluations. It means you’ll have all the support, guidance, and accountability you need on your journey to better health. Bonus Gift: A complimentary 1-1 consultation at the course’s conclusion worth £145. Ensure you graduate the programme feeling confident, equipped, and fully in control of your IBS.

Oxford Gastro Dietitians

Don’t just take their word for it, they have received some wonderful reviews from previous clients:

“I was so pleased with my consultation with Cat, who was so knowledgeable and a great listener. It felt very holistic, and I really appreciated the research done prior to my condition and hearing about the evidence base. I came away with lots of yummy things I can now eat whilst still feeling like I am using a really good, healthy approach to managing my condition.” Clare, London

“I sincerely recommend working with Oxford Gastro Dietitians. They provided a very professional service based on scientific evidence. My sessions with Rosie were very useful, she provided me guidance on how to manage my extreme IBS symptoms through dieting, medications, and lifestyle changes.” Morgan, Leeds UK

The Oxford Gastro Dietitians are really looking forward to supporting more clients!

If you are interested or know anyone who may benefit from this programme, then head to the website or head to the Oxford Gastro Dietitians Instagram.

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