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24 Sep 2022 - 06 Oct 2022


10:30 am - 12:30 pm


Free for Oxfordshire residents

Mindfulness for Health course – FREE for Oxfordshire residents

Are you are living with illness, pain or fatigue?
Does it leave you feeling depleted, isolated or overwhelmed?
Over eight weekly sessions in a small, friendly group this course will introduce simple yet powerful mindfulness practices to soothe your tension and increase your sense of confidence, energy and enthusiasm for life.
You’ll leave with key skills and tools to help you live well with your pain and illness, rather than feeling you are always fighting against your body.
Saturdays 10.30-12.30
Online (live, via Zoom)
This course is ✨FREE ✨ to anyone with an Oxfordshire postcode (usually £250+)*
To book your place contact: wantagemix@gmail.com / 07768 767787.
*£50 deposit required, refundable on completion of course.
“I didn’t really believe that mindfulness could help me with my experience of pain and physical suffering … This course has completely changed my perception and understanding of ways in which I can change my attitude towards it… Thank you so much!”
– Tam, Mindfulness for Health student
Who is this course for?
This course is for you if you’re finding living with a health or pain condition challenging. Your condition may be short or long-term, and it doesn’t matter if you have a diagnosis or not. You don’t need to have done any Mindfulness before.
You’ll be invited for a pre-course chat with Sally to confirm that the course is right for you at this time (if you’re going through a big life event or experiencing an intense period of anxiety or depression it’s probably not the best time to do this course).
What will I learn on the course?
The course is based on both clinical research and the lived experience of Vidyamala Burch who has used Mindfulness to manage a debilitating pain condition for 30+ years.
You’ll receive a free copy of her book ‘Mindfulness for Health’ which won first prize in the 2014 British Medical Association Awards.
You will learn:
✅ Mindfulness and self-compassion skills to take into your daily life
✅ How to live in the present moment and breathe into your experience, rather than tensing against it
✅ How mindfulness can help you to manage and live well with pain and chronic health conditions
✅ Gentle mindful movement practices
✅ The art of taking joy in simple pleasures
✅ Transformative body and breath awareness for relaxation, tranquillity, and to release of tension
✅Pacing and how to break the ‘boom and bust’ cycle.
What benefits can I expect from the course?
People completing this course report lasting benefits including:
✅ Greater quality of life
✅ Catastrophising less about their pain
✅ Greater capacity to manage their health symptoms
✅ Better quality rest and sleep
✅ Increased activity levels despite pain
✅ Feeling less emotional distress, anxiety and depression
✅ Feeling less isolated and more connected to others
Any questions?
Email Sally: hello@sallyharrismindfulness.co.uk

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