Zimasa Vodka Oxfordshire
Zimasa Vodka Oxfordshire
Zimasa Vodka Oxfordshire




Zimasa Vodka is an award-winning premium spirit crafted with meticulous care, embodies sophistication and excellence. Distilled with the finest ingredients and a commitment to quality, it offers a smooth and luxurious taste experience that captivates the senses. With its distinct character and refined flavour profile, Zimasa Vodka stands out as a symbol of elegance and refinement in the spirits industry. It’s the perfect choice for discerning connoisseurs and enthusiasts alike. Whether enjoyed neat, on the rocks or as the base for cocktails, Zimasa Vodka elevates every drinking occasion with its unparalleled taste and craftsmanship.

Zimasa Vodka Oxfordshire

I love my business because it allows me to combine my passion for premium, artisanal vodka with the vibrant community of Oxfordshire. Being based in Oxford, I am inspired by the rich history and dynamic culture around me. It’s incredibly rewarding to create a product that not only reflects my heritage but also resonates with the values of quality and sustainability important to this community. The support and enthusiasm from local customers and businesses has been truly uplifting, making every day an exciting step on my business journey.

– Nyasha Kavuru, Co-Founder

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