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Zena Kidd-May is a Hatha yoga teacher, face yoga teacher, and health & wellness coach. She has been teaching yoga for more than 22 years first in London, than in her purpose built yoga studio in Islip, Oxfordshire and on-line.

Zena specialises in group yoga, private yoga sessions, face yoga, ball rolling workshops for mobility, corporate yoga, pre & postnatal yoga and is a fully qualified holistic health & wellness coach.

Through her extensive training and experience Zena really does understand how to support clients transform their health using real food and realistic lifestyle changes so they can live life to the full.

Zena Kidd-May

I am absolutely fascinated by the human body and mind. The incredible power of our attitudes to not only influence but to actually create our own realities. The more I practice in the moment, the more joy and peace I feel and it seems to me that my feelings of wellbeing get embedded in my daily life – this is why I teach yoga!

My husband is from Oxfordshire and when my family moved here 12 years ago, we instantly fell in love with it. It’s such a vibrant place, with so many interesting and diverse people. We have the opportunity to be in the city or countryside within minutes and this is super important to us.

– Zena Kidd-May, Owner


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