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The Oxford Wellbeing Project is a diverse collective of wellbeing practitioners who have come together to offer a variety of therapeutic and creative services to support our local community. From acting classes to yoga; mindfulness to coaching; massage to singing. The collective offers these services at accessible rates for those who are on low income and higher rates for those who wish to support the project in its mission to reach those most in need. This provides individuals with the opportunity to explore a variety of therapies and practices to discover for themselves what wellbeing means to them. With plans to set up as a workers’ cooperative, another objective of the project is create a supportive and collaborative framework for the practitioners themselves, whose livelihoods are often precarious and have been significantly impacted by Covid-19.

Watch Rosie’s interview with Laura on IGTV about The Oxford Wellbeing Project Summit.

Laura Hancock

Oxford has such an incredible wealth of highly skilled and intuitive wellbeing practitioners, healers, therapists, teachers and facilitators, and yet much of the community either doesn’t know about, or isn’t able to access these incredible resources. At a time when mental and physical health and wellbeing is at such a critical point, it seems like now is a time like no other to create a platform and cooperative that works towards breaking down some of these barriers and facilitates better access, better quality and sustainable wellbeing support to all.

Laura Hancock, Founder

I am really passionate about the work that The Oxford Wellbeing Project is doing. It’s aims are to:

  • Improve access to wellbeing for all communities
  • Improve quality and diversity of wellbeing services
  • Redefine wellbeing
  • Support local practitioners

After a fantastic weekend summit in the summer, I’m looking forward to more great workshops and hearing how the project is working towards it’s vision of wellbeing for all.

Check out my blog on The Oxford Wellbeing Project.

– Rosie, Independent Oxford

Rosie Jacobs Indie Oxford
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