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The Cattleshed Candle Company is a local Oxfordshire artisan home fragrance company, hand pouring unique milk churn candles and milk churn diffusers for delightful scents in the home. It uses a sustainable soy wax, cotton wicks and high quality fragrance oils.

The Cattleshed Candle Company fit well as a country life style brand, the churns are rustic yet sleek fitting a range of home styles from a beautiful old farmhouses and cottages to a perfectly modern home. Founder Jen encourages customers to have their churns refilled by The Cattle Shed Candle Company, who can do so safely or re-purpose into mini planters, pen pots etc.

The Cattleshed Candle Co

The Cattleshed Candle Company was created in Launton, in our studio on the site of our family farm cattle shed, hence the name.

We hand pour all our artisan candles in small batches and are sustainable – choosing our raw ingredients carefully and we offer a safe refill service or encourage our customers to repurpose the churns into planters or pen pots, for example, for zero waste.

We love being a small business in Oxfordshire, it has a wealth of business support and like minded small business owners.

– Jen Walker, Founder

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