The Blue Hour Gin Oxfordshire
The Blue Hour Gin Oxfordshire




Blue Hour Gin is inspired by the blue hour, the most poignant time of day when the sun is so far below the horizon that the light’s blue wavelengths dominate. It’s a time of magic and possibility, sitting between day and night, between dreams and reality. The Blue Hour takes a premium London Dry Gin and foraged Oxfordshire bullaces, and transforms them into something exquisite and unique – a beautiful red gin with the flavours of almonds, cherries and plums. Natural, magical, ethical and sustainable.

The Blue Hour Gin Oxfordshire

I have been making this gin for years for myself, friends and family. A couple of years ago I gave a bottle to someone in the trade who said I had to make it commercially. Christmas 2020 was my test which, despite Covid, exceeded expectations. It is so rewarding to take natural ingredients and transform them into something special – and to let everyone enjoy something quite different.

– Janet Webberley, Owner

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