Refills by Beez Oxford
Refills by Beez Oxford
Refills by Beez Oxford




Refills by Beez is an online low impact/zero waste shop offering doorstep deliveries, including refills, of cleaning products and toiletries to households in Bicester and the surrounding villages. Refills by Beez also supplies cleaning product refill stations to a range of businesses across Oxfordshire including offices, cafes/bars/restaurants and Airbnb properties. Refills by Beez aims to make it easy and convenient to shop plastic free, reuse containers and reduce plastic waste.

Refills by Beez Oxford Liz

We all need to make changes to live more sustainably and reduce our environmental impact. Personally as a family we found it incredibly challenging to reduce our plastic usage. I founded Refills by Beez to help make it easier and more convenient to shop plastic free locally.

– Liz Moore, Founder

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