Penny Tunnell Oxford
Penny Tunnell Oxford
Penny Tunnell Oxford


Penny Tunnel is a pragmatic and experienced business development advisor and qualified executive coach. She works with businesses to help them develop their vision, and create simple, compelling business plans for sustainable long term profitability. Filling a gap in the consulting and coaching world and with a unique blend of strategy and hands-on support, Penny has helped more than 60 businesses achieve their goals in the past 5 years. Her board level business skills were originally honed in the competitive retail and mail order world, but she has found that the dual focus on customer experience and excellent financial performance are transferable across all industries.

Penny now works with diverse companies, both business-to-business and consumer facing, to help them create successful companies; ones that attract and retain good quality customers and fabulous staff. Increasingly she is called upon to provide leadership & management training, which she finds hugely rewarding and enjoyable. About half of her work remains in the retail/wholesale/producer arena where she works on everything from growth strategy, to sales and marketing, to supply chain and sourcing.



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