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Sustainable wooden furniture that’s designed to make adapting your home – or moving to a new one – easy and fun.

Using clever pegged joints to hold the pieces together, Pegg Furniture’s strong and beautifully simple designs can be built and taken apart over and over again. In five minutes unpeg the legs of the new Pegg Desk, store them neatly inside the desk-top, and reclaim your home office for a guest bedroom or yoga studio for the weekend.

Designed and made in Oxfordshire by Michael Buick, Pegg’s focus is on turning sustainably sourced timber into furniture that supports flexible living in small spaces, and after being enjoyed for many decades won’t harm the environment at the end of its life. As well as the Pegg range, I also do bespoke designs – and I’m particularly keen to help people who are now working from home.

michael pegg furniture oxford

Pegg is unquestionably a child of Oxford: from learning to live in and love compact homes; through my training at Oxford’s Rycotewood Furniture school (the best in the UK!); to setting up my new business at the visionary Sylva Wood Centre. After changing career from desk-work to workshop, and putting my heart and soul into my designs, I’m so excited to present this new range – and hope you like what you see.

 – Michael Buick, Owner and Designer


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