frederick jewson film and video oxford
frederick jewson film and video oxford




The Oxford House Agency is a creative video production company in Oxford. Producing TV quality video productions, with an intent to lift the quality of video content in Oxford, thus allowing local companies to be seen in their best light. Oxford House is also a slow growing community for creatives. When they have a physical premises, the team will be looking to offer hot-desking and a communal space for other freelance creatives keen to become part of an exciting and growing team.

Check out the video Freddie made for the Rediscover Oxford campaign above, and the video interviews he created for Independent Oxford.

frederick jewson film and video oxford

I love business, film and Oxford… Combine all three and we have the Oxford House Video Agency. It’s my goal to grow this company into a national TVC agency, however, it’s my passion to help Oxford businesses by offering the best quality video, allowing businesses to thrive with quality marketing, designed to lift their image. Ultimately helping businesses grow as we grow. I’m in it to help Oxford visually thrive.

– Freddie Jewson, Owner

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