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Oxford CBT was set up in 2012 as an aspiring private clinic, promising to assess patients quickly, with high-quality, evidence-based treatment designed to improve quality of life. The team of accredited clinicians provide support to adults, children & businesses. Conditions treated include stress, anxiety disorders, depression, eating disorders, sleep problems and developmental disorders including Autism and ADHD assessments. Children receive comprehensive assessments & therapy including practical tools/ skills to help them to flourish & grow. For businesses & schools, Oxford CBT offers Mental Health First Aid training & support. It provides clients with a professional & sympathetic environment at the clinic in Oxford, or online if preferred.

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I can understand both from a professional and personal perspective the courage and effort it takes to seek help. Most people find it difficult to take the first step, admitting to themselves that they are not feeling good about life and that despite their best efforts they can’t seem to shift how they feel to make things better, realising that it may be time to seek help from a professional. I believe it is important that the right help is available at the right time with the right people. People who are warm, empathic and have the tools and skills to help. Because of this, I set up Oxford CBT.

– Tom Murfitt, Owner

My friend and neighbour Tom, created Oxford CBT. Having such a comprehensive therapy service on our doorstep is invaluable, especially in these times. Tom has been a wonderful business mentor to me, and I’m proud for us both to be part of Indie Oxford and the wider therapeutic industry.

– Julie Cooper, Owner at Julie Cooper Nutrition

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