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OX3 Greens Oxford
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OX3 Greens is a Vertical Farming business just a stones throw from Oxford City Centre. The ambition is to bring the benefits of Vertical Farming to Oxford and the surrounding communities. In short, Vertical Farming uses technology to replicate the sun, wind, and rain. This creates an entirely controlled environment that can be optimised for crop production 365 days per year. What does this mean for Oxford? OX3 Greens is growing herbs and leafy greens that would otherwise be imported. No time is lost in storage or transit and so produce is uniquely fresh, guaranteeing amazing flavours and exceptional shelf life. Not only does this transformative approach to food production substantially reduce food waste and food miles, but it also negates the need for pesticides and habitat disruption. Currently herbs are available to commercial kitchens, food retailers, and home subscribers.

OX3 Greens Oxford

It’s all about reflecting on the past 100 years of family farming in Oxford and looking forward to the next 100 years.

– Will Brown, Owner


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