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Objects of Use is a modern-day hardware store, offering a considered collection of beautiful, traditional and archetypal household items, consciously sourced from around the globe. Often made in the same way for decades, if not centuries, their tools, objects and textiles represent the wisdom and integrity of these traditions.

Passionate about the heritage of making, using and sharing the objects we use each day, their collection celebrates the beauty in the everyday, and the skills and crafts which have been handed down through generations, locally and across the globe.

Inspired by the idea of a voluntary simplicity in the way we can live, OoU aims to foster an appreciation of the value of the hand-made, an awareness of the proper utilisation of natural materials, and of the locale-specific resources and requirements that have led to each of their ‘vernacular objects’ — aspiring to find an alternative to the prevailing throwaway culture, and offer instead a more considered and harmonious approach to everyday living.

Check out co-owner Hazel’s spring cleaning tips on the Independent Oxford blog.

Oxford is such a perfect place for our store — I love the fact that almost every day I’m meeting fascinating people from all over the world who are curious to find out more about what we do and share their knowledge of makers or stories about the objects we sell.

– Hazel Rattigan, Owner

Objects of Use Oxford
Etta Rain Ceramics

I absolutely adore the store ‘Objects of Use’! It’s not just any ordinary store, but a haven for people who appreciate quality and unique products. The moment I step into this store, I am transported to another era. What I love the most about this store is the curated selection of objects and things. It’s like each item has been handpicked with care and precision. It’s truly a unique and wonderful experience that I recommend to anyone who appreciates quality and craftsmanship.

– Rachel, owner at Etta Rain Ceramics

We love Objects of Use! It’s really one of the first shops we fell in love with! It is beautifully curated and has some gorgeous handcrafted Japanese and British items that are just a joy to use! We could spend hours perusing their shelves and discovering new bits and bobs for our home that we never knew existed. We rarely leave empty-handed!

– Rachael and Matt Evans, Owners at Goodies

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