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Objects of Use is a source of enduring household tools and functional items, consciously sourced from around the globe, with a special focus on everyday archetypes and vernacular objects. Beautiful, hand-carved ‘Kuksa’ cups from Finnish Lapland sit alongside beeswax candles from Cumbria, glassware from the Atlas mountains, cutlery from Sheffield and Catalonia, Japanese kitchenware and Dutch garden tools. An ideal place to find that special object to incorporate into your daily rituals.

Check out co-owner Hazel’s spring cleaning tips on the Independent Oxford blog.

I absolutely adore the store ‘Objects of Use’! It’s not just any ordinary store, but a haven for people who appreciate quality and unique products. The moment I step into this store, I am transported to another era. What I love the most about this store is the curated selection of objects and things. It’s like each item has been handpicked with care and precision. It’s truly a unique and wonderful experience that I recommend to anyone who appreciates quality and craftsmanship.

– Rachel, owner at Etta Rain Ceramics

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