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Julie and her daughter, Neve, are beekeepers and the owners of Neve’s Bees. They make 100% natural skincare (using ingredients you can actually read!) with a little help from their bees. All of Neve’s Bees products are made here in Oxfordshire and contain only pure and natural plant oils and butters blended with our wildcrafted beeswax. No unnecessary water and the subsequent ‘chemical’ emulsifiers, preservatives, fillers and other ‘nasties’ used in most high-street brands.

The current Neve’s Bees range comprises Lip Balms, Hand Salves, Body Oils and their new Facial range – deep cleanser, face serum and night balm -and of course gift packs and selections.

As well as 100% natural ingredients and recycled packaging, Neve’s Bees are on a mission to bring back the wildflower meadows and donate 10% of their profits to wildlife charities and causes.

Neve’s Bees are keen to grow and would love to hear from any potential new stockists.

Read Julie’s blog about the benefits of natural skincare, and watch the IGTV interview with Rosie here.

Listen to Julie’s story of walking away from the corporate world to start Neve’s Bees on S2 E6 of the Independent Oxford podcast.

Neve's Bees Oxfordshire

Having grown up in a tiny Somerset village with one bus a week, I have never felt really ‘at home’ living in a town. Living here in West Oxfordshire is a lovely balance of rural life with the beautiful city of Oxford only a short bus ride away. Keeping the bees here is a lovely way to keep totally at one with mother nature and the changing seasons.

– Julie Macken, Co-Founder

Neve’s Bees is a brand I have aspired to since I began my own waxy journey into candle making after seeing apiarist Julie and her daughter’s business blossom at Blenheim and then meeting her as a fellow seller at The Shop Witney. I have since collaborated with her over aromatherapy matters and she has reciprocated in providing me with some of her own extensive marketing knowledge. And of course I have bought her products to gift to people. Marvellous!

– Charlotte Spencer, Owner of Charlotte Spencer

Charlotte Spencer Candles Oxfordshire
Rosie Jacobs Indie Oxford

I have the ‘Rosey’ lip balm (obviously!) and love it. The balance of fragrance is just right, and it’s so great to know there are no nasty chemicals or filler ingredients in the tin, just pure and natural, and made in Oxfordshire!

– Rosie, Independent Oxford

Neve’s Bees is an amazing small business who sell zero-waste and sustainable lip balms and body care. I love the variety of scents and how moisturising everything is!

– Sarah Jordan, Y.O.U Underwear

Sarah Jordan YOU Underwear
Nikki Shields Designs Like These

I love Neve’s Bees run by the lovely Julie Macken. Her products are fab. I especially like the lip balms and facial balms. It’s wonderful to know I am putting pure goodness on my skin and know the business is run sustainably with the environment top of their minds. She is always looking for ways to improve and refine her business and products. She has inspired me to think more carefully about the products I buy and the impact our choices have on the environment.

– Nikki Shield, Designs Like These

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