Kate Thirlwall Mum’s the Word Poetry East Oxford
Kate Thirlwall Mum's the Word Poetry East Oxford
Kate Thirlwall Mum's the Word Poetry East Oxford


Kate Thirlwall is a mother, poet and creative practitioner. Kate’s mission through Mum’s The Word Poetry is to use creativity as a tool to begin a more authentic conversation about modern motherhood, womanhood and as a way of nurturing women to practise self-care. Writing, talking and creating all help us to express who we are, and by nurturing this part of ourselves, we can engage more fully with those we love and with our community. Her poetry books contain journal pages for women to document their feelings and to encourage reflection and self knowledge. Visit www.mumstheword.press to read more about her work. Kate’s goal is to support as many women locally as she can, whether it be through reading her poetry books, attending her self care workshops or going to her for an individual wellbeing coaching session. Kate is passionate about supporting women to nourish themselves creatively.

I love supporting women to experience the joy creativity can bring to so many aspects of their lives and it’s a pleasure to live and work in a city with such a rich creative heritage.

-Kate Thirlwall



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