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Monica is an osteopath, movement rehab specialist using position, weights and breath, and a counsellor using Transactional Analysis. Clinic on the Green in Bletchingdon has operated since 2013, and offers osteopathy, movement rehab and sports massage. Monica developed her second business in 2021, after writing the book BodySense, to provide online coaching programs for fitness professionals and their clients to bridge the journey towards emotional wellbeing, performance capacity and fitness.

Clinic on the Green Bletchingdon

I have always loved movement and been in awe of the human capacity. My driving values are connection, conversation and education, and these inform my professional purpose and joys, and get well met in our wonderful city, too!

– Monica Franke, Owner

Monica Franke – We love Monica’s business, she has soothed out all Abby’s aches and pains from a days farming, not only that she has been an extremely supportive friendly face for us both moving to the area.

– Luke de Marco, Owner at Hampton Gay Organic Farm

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