Louisa Daubney Purposeful Coach
Louisa Daubney Purposeful Coach
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Louisa is a coach on a mission to help people who work to bring about positive change in the world to avoid burnout by carving out guilt-free time for self-care to energise and sustain them. She was inspired to coach others on this topic as a result dealing with her own struggles with managing her time effectively since leaving her ‘9 to 5’ job coupled with a curiosity about how we can work smarter rather than harder to achieve our goals. Arianna Huffington has talked about how social activists often see self-care as a luxury. Having worked as a fundraiser in the charity sector for many years, Louisa would now like to give back as a coach to help people who are seeking to bring about positive change in the world through their work as campaigners, advocates or social entrepreneurs, to avoid burnout by finding more time for self-care.

Read Louisa’s blog on ‘6 quick tips on setting goals for focus, and knowing when to say no’.

Images in Bagley Wood by Hannah Pye

Flower arrangement image: The flowers in the arrangement are from Fabulous Flowers and the pottery jug is from Jan’s Jugs, both based in Abingdon.

Louisa Daubney Purposeful Coach

I’m passionate about working with clients who want to be more intentional about how they manage their work-life balance by helping them think through what nourishes and sustains them and how to create new habits to make more time for self-care. Is it about making time for a daily meditation practice, the regular run that you’ve been talking about, spending time in nature or having screen-free time every evening? It’s a privilege to be part of the journey with my clients as they start to make more purposeful decisions about how they spend their time.

– Louisa Daubney, Owner

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