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Louisa at Louisa Daubney Coaching is a qualified personal performance coach. What excites her is working with busy working mums to help them press pause on their hectic schedule of being the taxi driver, nurse, costume maker, event organiser, PA, bread-winner, business owner, cook, cleaner, dog walker and do-er-of-all-things no-one else wants to do, and carve out some precious time to feel more present, calm and in control, and hopefully start sleeping better too.

With one to one support from Louisa, you could achieve your own happy place by resetting and re-connecting with yourself. Is it time to create a realistic and sustainable self-care habit, so that no matter how many hats you have to wear every day, you know you can find some space, time and energy to wear your ‘I am being me for 5 minutes’ hat?

Let’s take a step back from your busy life, today.

Read Louisa’s blog on ‘6 quick tips on setting goals for focus, and knowing when to say no’.

Images in Bagley Wood by Hannah Pye, and portraits by Dasha Brogden.

Flower arrangement image: The flowers in the arrangement are from Fabulous Flowers and the pottery jug is from Jan’s Jugs, both based in Abingdon.

Louisa Daubney Oxford

I’m on a mission to encourage busy working mums to take a little more time every day to take care of themselves to support their wellbeing. Taking some ‘me-time’ is one of the most precious gifts we can give ourselves (and it doesn’t need to cost anything). However, it can be a struggle to implement because it often involves challenging our own beliefs as well as finding the time. I love working with my clients to create a self-care habit that sticks, and hearing about how their self-care practice is helping them to feel more present, calm and in control.

– Louisa Daubney, Owner

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