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LOGA Candle Co. was born when María decided to combine her three biggest passions in life: languages, candles and sustainability.

Originally focusing on her linguistic plant-based concept candles (launching a small but highly curated collection of candle scents inspired by a meaning/concept which exists in a particular language but which does not exist as such in English; think of “hygge” or “wanderlust”!), LOGA has since evolved to include alternative sustainable home scent and stone-based homeware offerings, all handmade in Maria’s studio in Oxfordshire.

In a world of “greenwashing”, María feels very strongly about offering truthful sustainable and plastic-free alternatives. Every single detail is carefully researched and tested, from the soy ink and plant-based adhesive of her labels to the natural wood flower used for diffusing scent (as opposed to fibre reeds which contain microplastics).

Loga candle co oxfordshire Maria Lopez

Being in a high-pressure operational role for years, having the opportunity of expressing my more creative side by hand making all my products has been a key element of personal growth as well as a therapeutic way to release the day-to-day stress. Researching and finding new linguistic concepts to bring and carefully choosing the scent notes which evoke that concept is also a very special and personal link between me and my candles. I feel privileged to live in beautiful Oxfordshire and can’t wait to be part of, and interact with the like-minded community in this area.

– Maria Lopez, Owner

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