Lily Mae Studios jewellery Oxford
Lily Mae Studios jewellery Oxford
Lily Mae Studios jewellery Oxford




Lynne at Lily Mae Studios creates handmade silver jewellery from recycled silver, generally inspired by the textures, forms and movement found in the natural world. Whether it be a vine leaf from a local vineyard or a Sycamore seed pod found on a local lane, each item is carefully selected and either painted with silver clay paste or used to make a detailed mould. Her ancestry also provides a wealth of inspiration, with Standing Stones and Celtic Swirls two of her latest collections.

One workshop was all it took for Lynne to fall in love with the alchemy of turning clay into silver. Years later and she never fails to smile when brushing the pieces after firing to reveal the shiny silver.

Constantly evolving, her designs have started to include discrete flashes of colour and a series of workshops are in preparation.

Lily Mae Studios jewellery Oxford

Like many people during the pandemic, I suddenly had time on my hands and needed a creative escape. I had attended a workshop on Silver Clay a few months previously and loved making my own piece of jewellery. A Chemist by training I just love the alchemy of turning a lump of silver clay into a wearable piece of art.

– Lynne Fisher, Owner

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