Lets Grow Boxing Oxford
Lets Grow Boxing Oxford
Lets Grow Boxing Oxford


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Let’s Grow Boxing is an inclusive and diverse space in the heart of Oxford, that’s LGBTQI+ friendly and has a mainly female membership. Tier and the team offer classes in Boxing, Kickboxing, Self-defence, Jiu-jitsu and Yoga. The studio is a body and age positive space, and welcome all who are neuro-diverse, disabled, gender fluid and more. Please get in touch, your difference is valued.

Lets Grow Boxing Oxford Tier Blundell

Watching people grow once they see the capabilities that already lie within them..that is what gets me up in the morning! Oxford is made up of incredible people from all walks of life. However, I think sometimes the shadow of the spires and colleges makes some people feel insufficient, unwelcome, or lost in competition. LGB is designed to shatter that perception and offer a space for people to thrive in full acceptance.

– Tier Blundell, Owner


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